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  News Conference in RIA
News About the Successes of the Russian Animal Rights Movement

photos of press-conference

On 2 February at 12 noon in RAMI RIA News, a news conference titled “Defence of the Rights of Animals: The Russian and International Experience” took place. VITA leaders Elena Maroueva and Irina Novozhilova, writer and journalist Irina Oziornaya and attorney Stanislav Markelov participated in the news conference.

The fact that one of the most quoted information agencies in Russia organised a news conference on the subject of animal rights indicates that the successes of the animal rights movement in Russia are becoming more noticeable.

Participants in the news conference discussed the situation of animals in Russia, Russian animal protectionists’ most interesting projects, the successes of the animal rights movement in Russia, alternatives to experiments on animals in Russian institutes of higher learning, the participation of Russian stars in animal protection projects, the history of the creation of the memorial to homeless animals called “Sympathy” in metropolitan Moscow, the reasons for the enactment of anti-cruelty laws in Russia, the politics of unethical industries in Russia, the “Farewell to Fur Coats” demonstration, the rejection of fur by Russian stars and more.

At the news conference, there was a demonstration of models – an alternative to experiments on animals in academia.

Source: Vita – centre for animal rights protection; The Newsletter of the Animal Rights Centre VITA No. 1 2007;

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