Rule of Law Institute
  President of the Rule of Law Institute

Lawyer Stanislav MARKELOV

Was born on 20 May 1974in Moscow.

In 1996 he graduated from Moscow State Academy of Law, full-time course.

Since 1997 up to now he has been a member of Interrepublican Bar, a member of International Union of Lawyers and International Club of Lawyers.

Since 2006 he has been the President of the Rule of Law Institute.


He held several law conferences, delivered lectures in Berlin, St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, in the North Caucasus.

He repeatedly pleaded cases in arbitration courts of all levels, in the Supreme Court, in the Constitutional Court, he works on cases lodged to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

He represented the part of principals in large-scale economic disputes, acted as a defence lawyer in a number of cases on economic, tax, customs crimes.


Pleaded some widely known cases

In 1994 he was the first lawyer to go to the region of so called “hot spots” in the North Caucasus to a zone of the
Ossetian-Ingush conflict.

Since 1997 he has been the first to take part in proceedings related to acts of terrorism in Russia (explosion on Vagankovskoe cemetery, explosions of monuments to Nikolay II, an attempt to explode the monument to Peter I in Moscow, an attempt to explode the administrative building in Krasnodar Kray, etc.).

All the defendants in the cases were cleared of all charges of terrorism.

Since 1997 he worked a lot in the Republic of Belarus in connection with mass disorders that took place there, and oppression of the opposition. He acted as an international supervisor in the Presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus in 2001.

He acted as a defence lawyer for the aggrieved party in the case of Colonel Budanov accused of committing grave crimes against civilians in the Chechen Republic.
He is the first and so far the only lawyer not residing in the Chechen Republic who has been working in this region for so long.

In the beginning of 2005 in Grozny he led the criminal case of OMON (special purpose police unit) officer S.V.Lapin (nickname "cadet"), who had committed a series of acts of atrocity to civilians, to a guilty verdict. Before this case investigatory bodies and judicial system in the Chechen Republic had not function at all. Being guilty in breaking a number of articles S.V. Lapin was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment.
He was a defence lawyer of several victims in the criminal case of “Nord Ost” namely of Yakha Neserkhoyeva, who at first had been accused of cooperation with terrorists and then was admitted a victim, and of Lukasheva, who was refused in identification of her daughter’s body by the investigators and she was unaware of whose body was buried.

More than once he acted as a defence lawyer in cases initiated against representatives of independent mass-media both in regions and in the capital, namely: the storm of the Ufa radio station called "Titan" (Altaf Galeev's case), prosecutions of the editorial board of “Novaya Gazeta” (" The New Newspaper”) in Ryazan and other mass-media in Moscow.
He is the lawyer who deals with large-scale social labour disputes (mass disorders at the Vyborg paper-and-pulp factory, the conflict of independent trade unions with the Russian Railways management, work on analysis of the project of the new Labour code, won cases of fraudful pyramid schemes in construction industry, co-investors’ rights defence, etc.).

He is also actively engaged in large-scale cases in the field of Environmental Law (launch of the Rostov atomic power station, attempt to launch the Belarus atomic power station, support of activity of some environmental organisations, reviewing of the law “On protection of animals”, etc.).
He constantly works on cases related to war crimes and military subjects. Besides the above-named cases he was a defence lawyer of the head of “The Soldiers’ Mothers Committee” in Vladimir.

At present he defends the victims in criminal case of mass militia attacks in Blagoveshchensk (the total number of officially registered victims is 342).

In the Chechen republic he protects Z.V. Musikhanov who was refused to be amnestied and was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment because he had refused to join Kadyrov's armed formation. He is the initiator of the idea to appeal confidential orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation according to which filtration practice and introduction of emergency measures by law enforcement bodies is applied.

He actively works on the cases sued by the State Drug Monitoring Committee
(so called “garden case” of I.G.Baturina in Smolensk region).

He works on a regular basis in crisis regions of Russia and former Soviet Union countries.

Besides the mentioned Chechen Republic and other Republics of the North Caucasus, Belarus, Bashkortostan, he actively works in Kalmykia after mass “mopping-up operations” during opposition actions in September 2004.
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