Rule of Law Institute
  Rule of Law Institute

Rule of Law Institute

The Rule of Law Institute is an organization formed to protect civil social human rights and freedoms.

The Institute unites professional lawyers, legal advisors, journalists, people who are particularly interested in the problem of human rights protection. The Institute’s activity includes first of all pleading particular legal cases, defence of the aggrieved party in proceedings of public importance. We work in those law areas that other legal and human rights organizations have not paid any attention to so far.

The Institute puts a particular emphasis on working in the most dangerous crisis areas in Russia (Chechnya, Kalmykia, Bashkiria, etc.) and on pleading social and other strategic cases on defence of civil rights.

When the Law turns to be a tool of influence in political and economic spheres there appears an acute need in independent free union of individuals who really advocate civil rights. Unfortunately, in the present-day Russia as well as in all CIS countries lawyers and legal advisors are inseparably included in the system of common legal relations. This fact makes them being dependent on administrative machine, courts, law-enforcement agencies and, what is more important, on necessity to make pecuniary interest the corner-stone of their work. The existing structure of human rights advocates do not meet the requirements of the civil society as well because they do not have enough law qualification and limit their activity mainly to monitoring and holding seminars.

Admitting positive effect of work of some individuals and groups of people, members of the Institute agreed to form a unified net organization not having standard hierarchical structure, uniting people who work in judicial system on the common interest basis and aiming at mutual help in pleading the most difficult cases.

The Institute does not possess any management centre and any severe membership. Every member of the Institute takes some part in common projects and holds responsibility only for personal activity. High professionalism and work experience of all members of the Institute make it possible to collaborate without being coordinated and forming any bureaucracy structures.

The Institute members, in spite of being involved in the Project, are currently the members of law, legal establishments and of the ones of that kind, this gives them possibility to take part in the Institution activity without any harm to their main work.

Diversity and wide coverage, both professional and geographical, of legal activity allow the members of the Institute to influence immediately on the situation in civil and human rights sphere both in Russia and in CIS countries.

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